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Welcome to Developing Leaders from IEDP Welcome to this 30th issue of Developing Leaders magazine. Reaching these arbitrary milestones is an interesting moment – in reality our publishing of a 30th issue has been no different to publishing the 29th issue but it will be different to the 31st issue, as this is the final hardcopy issue we will be publishing. Our digital copies now represent over 90% of our distribution – and by committing to go 100% digital we can incorporate video and other interactive elements into the magazine without having to run a different print version. It seems that the time is right to do so. The 30th milestone also provides a moment to do what we have been preaching in nearly every issue since we launched: to stop and reflect. It perhaps comes as little surprise to anyone who has studied leadership to see that many of the same issues are emerging today as we encountered when we published the first issue in 2010. Leadership is ultimately a mix of behaviours and actions that allow people to manage other people to achieve enhanced outcomes – and what is clear, and that every leadership program will focus in on, is that this starts with ourselves. Good leadership is largely about controlling our biases and urges so that our followers feel safe and secure and able to act in ways that fulfil well communicated objectives. These biases – like dieting – need to be continually observed and regulated to prevent bad habits re-emerging. Human nature cannot be reshaped in a generation, or even several, and so we keep encountering the same issues time and again in trying to develop better leaders. This is no reason to give up, but it also explains why leadership is unlikely to improve across the board in the way that technology or medicine can. New leaders do not start on the advances their predecessors have made, but back at square one all over again. Constant attention to self-improvement is the only option. This 30th issue tackles some of these intangible issues. Our cover story from Carole Osterweil explores how to lead and manage when the context is unclear – but when certainty is, as ever, required from your team. Our Tipping Point article from authors at Oxford Saïd looks at how we can develop leaders who can cope with this uncertainty. Faculty contributions from Columbia, Cranfield, IMD and IESE amongst others add to the breadth of insight in this quarter’s content from leading global business schools.

Many thanks for reading Developing Leaders – and here’s to the next 30 issues.

Roderick Millar | Editor

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4 | Developing Leaders Issue 30: 2018

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